Firearms Education School
Enrollment Form for Canadian Firearms Safety Course
And Hunter Education

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Deposit($50 min.):_____  (NO Post-dated cheques)
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(Parent's Signature required if under 18yr.)
Minimum age 12 yr. Minimum of 10 (Ten) students to hold a class.

Check off course's or exam's needed

___ Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC)(long guns): $190.00
___ Restricted Course UpGrade(CRFSC)(Must have PAL):$190.00
___ If (CFSC) and (CRFSC) taken together: $330.00
___ Hunter Education Course and Exam: $200.00
___ Hunter Education & CFSC and Exam's (one stop): $330.00
___ Hunter Ed & CFSC, CRFSC and Exam’s (One Stop +CRFSC) $450.00

** All courses include manuals and exams & HST. **

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Rescheduling is accepted up to 5 days before a class but any rescheduling after that time will be
subject to a service charge.
If you miss a training class without prior notification, your payment is
forfeited. Class times can be changed or rescheduled with notification.


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Phone; 905-646-1381                         GPS:  N43’ 06.138  W79’19.944’ 

Cheque  payable to “Firearms Education School”